What is Clear?

//What is Clear?

What is Clear?

Today, over 90% of all factory finishes are clear coated. A clear coat finish is a multi-layer paint system comprised of a primer, a base coat (the pigment colour of your car) and a clear coat.


Although a clear coat does protect the base coat, it is very sensitive to scratches and swirl marks because of its clear, non pigmented layer that allows light to reflect through it. An effective way to test if your paintwork is clear coated is to open any door, apply some Ultimate Compound (G17216) to a microfibre cloth and rub the paintwork in an inconspicuous area. If the colour of your car is obvious on the cloth, then there is no clear coat.




Just a point to be aware of, is no matter what colour your car is, all scratches will be white in colour. It is sometimes possible to take the “whiteness” out of the scratch which still leaves the mark there, but is less obvious.

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