If the little paper pine tree hanging from your rear-view mirror is the only hope your car has at smelling good, Meguiar’s have the solution for you. Conventional paper air fresheners look tacky, and as an odor elimination solution they are quite flawed. How will a paper ornament soaked in perfume get to the funky odors under your seats and deep in your upholstery? Simple answer: They don’t.

Meguiar’s Air Re-Fresher Odor Eliminator Mist is one of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure your car. With the push of a tab, the aerosol will continually disperse the odour elimination mist. Simply place it in the centre of your car for about 10 minutes while the air-conditioning is on and recirculating.


The mist will find its way around your car and neutralise the offensive odour molecules in air conditioner vents, roof liners, under seats and all other hard to reach areas. The mist will also leave a very pleasing ‘New Car Scent’ in its place.