WANT to give your paint long lasting, water bead protection and a show-winning shine? But would rather be out cruising, than at home giving it the laborious ‘once over’, yet again!? Then Meguiar’s NXT Polymer Paint Sealant is just what you’re looking for – it’s an entirely new dimension in protection and shine. Featuring Meguiar’s advanced proprietary hydrophobic polymer technology, NXT Polymer Paint Sealant, glides on incredibly easy, then buffs off effortlessly to provide relentless, uniform water beading (the signature of protection) along with outstanding durability. When applied to paint that’s free of bonded contaminates, this exceptional protection against UV damage, oxidation, corrosion and surface degradation from the elements lasts for up to six months, not just a few weeks. And while protection and durability are NXT Polymer Paint Sealant’s primary goals, it also minimises fine swirls and micro-scratches, along with that deep, vibrant colour and dramatically clear wet-look that Meguiar’s is famous for. With Meguiar’s NXT Polymer Paint Sealant you’ll spend far less time detailing to keep your car looking better than new. Available in a long-lasting 532ml bottle (P/N: G30118), grab one at any good automotive outlet!