Now available in large 680 x 445mm size. You may think that a natural chamois is best because it’s natural – think again. You need to pre-condition them to remove tanning – they dry stiff and can grow mould. They also have the same sticking effect as many PVC chamois that can cause fine scratching. Our super-glide chamois literally glides across the surface as it soaks up water making it the ultimate performer when it comes to sensitive or scratch-prone finishes.

HOW TO USE: Open Chamois to full size and hold two corners. Pull across surface to remove bulk of water and wring-out regularly. Gently wipe off any remaining water. Any wipe-off trail will flash dry in a minute or two. *ALWAYS READ FULL DIRECTIONS PRINTED ON THE PRODUCT PRIOR TO USE.

3.25 sq.ft | Part No. AG6300 | RRP $24.99