Summer’s here which means us sun-loving Aussies are flocking to the nearest beach, heading to the cricket or putting a few beers on ice in preparation for a backyard barbie. Therefore we have the “hot” Aussie sun to thank for our great lifestyle – but man it’s a bitch on your car’s paintwork! If you don’t give your paint the proper level of protection, the UV ray’s will attack the paint pigments which then degrades them leading to paint fade. This happens slowly over time, with a typical indicator that damage is occurring when the surface becomes dull and rough to touch.



At this point it’s already becoming harder to maintain your cars “as new” appearance. So how do you properly protect against the UV attack? Start by regularly washing with a PH-balanced, detergent free car wash, followed by an application of a premium quality car wax. The wax acts like sunscreen for your paint, blocking out harmful UV rays.