At almost every car show and automotive museum across the globe, you will find an abundance of Meguiar's products being proudly used to maintain and showcase the prized vehicles on display. Our obsession with providing everything necessary to deliver that ‘show car perfect’ appearance, has made Meguiar’s the number one choice of elite professional detailers, passionate enthusiasts and car-proud consumers the world over.

Throughout its 110-plus year history, the primary goal for Meguiar’s has never changed; offer exceptional products for every vehicle surface. This includes paintwork, exterior plastics, glass, wheels, tyres and the many different interior finishes. Don’t just take our word for it when we say we offer the world’s best car care products to our ‘passionate fans’, go ask someone who uses Meguiar’s and see what they think.

Meguiar’s advanced chemical technology is what sets our car care range apart from the many imitators. As partner to global powerhouse, 3M, Meguiar’s has at its disposal the scientific and technical might of 3M’s many thousands world-renowned researchers, plus state-of-the-art research facilities. This excellence through innovation, is key to Meguiar’s maintaining its position as the world’s most respected and market leading car care brand.


Founded by Frank Meguiar Snr in 1901, Meguiar’s Inc started as a simple furniture polish manufacturer run out of the garage of Frank’s Indiana home. Upon relocating to Southern California in 1913, Frank was inspired by California’s emerging car culture – prompting him to focus on Meguiar’s Inc’s range of professional products. From there, Meguiar’s has grown into one of the world's leading surface care specialists – polishing the world's planes, trains and automobiles ever since. Frank was succeeded by son, Malcolm Meguiar, followed by grandson Barry Meguiar – with Meguiar’s Inc remaining a family-owned company until the mid 2000s, before ultimately amalgamating with 3M in 2008.


Australian’s were officially introduced to Meguiar’s in 1990, when Bruce Morrison launched Meguiar’s Australia. As sole owner and Managing Director, Morrison morphed the company into MotorActive in 2007, to better represent the company’s expanding portfolio of premium automotive brands. Today, MotorActive remains 100% Australian owned and operated, and a key supplier (including Meguiar’s) to some of Australia’s biggest automotive retailers and one of the leading companies in the automotive aftermarket segment.