Water Wise With Meguiar’s

Most of Australia is currently in the grips of the worst drought in memory – which has led to the introduction of tough, Level-2 water restrictions in many areas. Restrictions associated with Level-2 include; filling of swimming pools, free-running hoses, watering your garden and washing your car – which can only be done with a bucket or at a reputable car wash. Achieving a thorough clean with just a regular bucket will be a challenge, while a good commercial car wash can be expensive.

What’s the answer? Leave it to Meguiar’s – the world’s premier car care specialist for over 100 years – to have a range of legal, yet effective solutions for keeping your ride satisfyingly clean.


Gravity feeding water from a Meguiar’s Power Bucket into a regular pressure washer is a legal and highly water-efficient washing method that delivers absolutely fantastic results – even on truly dirty cars. A thorough wash can be achieved using only 2 to 3 buckets or around 40 litres.


Introduced in 2007, Meguiar’s Last Touch is our original waterless car wash. Combined with Meguiar’s Microfibre Twin Pack Detailing Cloths, Last Touch delivers, fast, scratch-free washing – with zero water! Better still – with the 3.8 litre pack delivering up to 20 car washes, it works out at around $3.50 per wash – making it great value!

Currently available at Repco, Autobarn, Sparesbox and other select retailers.

NOT available at Supercheap Auto.


The pinnacle of waterless washing. In addition to washing without water and without scratching, the high-tech formulation of Meguiar’s Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax simultaneously lays down a polymer wax barrier that enhances gloss, to keep your car looking better for longer, while making ongoing maintenance easier. Ideal for light to moderately dirty cars.