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A long-time favourite of fussy professional detailers around the globe, the Meguiar’s Detailer Line of products have previously only been available in bulk sizes – many of which require specific dilution before use. With the introduction of Detailer Essentials, these select industry favourites are the perfect solution for anyone detailing cars at home, on the side, or full-time – all in a conveniently-sized, Ready-to-Use format.

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Citrus Power Cleaner Plus


  • All purpose interior & exterior cleaner
  • Quickly and effectively removes grease, grime & stains
  • Low Foaming & Solvent Free

A safe and effective all ’round cleaner. Quickly and completely removes grease, grime and stains from floor mats, car seats, fabrics, dashboards and more. This versatile cleaner is ideal for use on carpets, upholstery, plastics, engines, wheel wells, tires and more. Cleans without leaving any sticky residue, while leaving a pleasant fragrance. Use by hand, in hot/cold extraction machines, or air-powered cleaning tools.

$34.99 RRP | 946 ml | DRTU10732

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Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner


  • Cleans factory OEM clear coated, painted & chrome wheels
  • Safe and effective on tyres
  • Quickly removes brake dust, road grime, light grease and dirt

A favourite of professional detailer’s, this non-acid based cleaner is fast, safe and effective on OEM factory clear coated and chrome wheels. Great for tyres, it ideally prepares them for your favourite Meguiar’s tyre dressing. Tough on brake dust, road grime, light grease and dirt – but gentle on your wheels. For best results, agitate with a Meguiar’s wheel cleaning brush.

$34.99 RRP | 946 ml | DRTU14332

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Last Touch Spray Detailer


  • Adds incredible depth, shine and gloss
  • Gently removes dust, smudges, fingerprints and other contaminants
  • Versatile exterior use

A true professional spray detailer that’s perfect for anyone detailing cars at home, on the side or full-time. This versatile spray on, wipe off detailer quickly and safely removes dust, smudges, fingerprints and other contaminants, while adding protection and enhancing gloss. It’s water-based formula contains a unique blend of polymeric lubricating agents that leaves a flawless, showroom shine. Ideal for paint, plastic, chrome, vinyl and more! Excellent for use as a clay lubricant.

$24.99 RRP | 946 ml | DRTU15532

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Iron Removing Spray Clay


  • Removes above & below surface contamination without abrasives
  • Works like a chemical clay
  • Improves paint smoothness

Quickly and effectively removes iron-based contaminants & industrial fallout, while also dissolving below surface contaminants. Acting like a sprayable clay, it decontaminates without the use of abrasives. Helps prepare the surface for faster paint correction and better results! Ideal for use as a clay lubricant when treating heavily contaminated surfaces.

$49.99 RRP | 946 ml | DRTU200232

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Hyper Dressing


  • Delivers a high shine finish
  • For treating interior and exterior surfaces
  • Water based formula

An incredibly versatile dressing that produces a high shine finish on non-painted rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces – all while leaving a pleasant smell. Safe, water-based, spray-on, wipe off formula is effective on both interior and exterior surfaces. Ideal for multiple applications including, plastic and rubber engine components, tyres, wheel compartment and exterior trims.

$44.99 RRP | 946 ml | DRTU17032

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  • Gently cleans paint without swirling or scratching
  • Conditioning agents deepens gloss & boosts shine
  • Leaves paint slick to the touch

The rich, lubricating formula and luxurious foam of Shampoo Plus teams up to gently clean and condition even the most delicate surface without scratching. Its polymer-enriched formula is body shop safe, rinses to a streak free finish, while deepening gloss, boosting shine to leave your paint with a highly reflective, slick finish – all with a pleasant fragrance. This premium quality car wash is perfect choice for those with a number of cars to keep looking their best.

$59.99 RRP | 3.8 Litre | D11101

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Do these products need to be diluted?

No. The five spray bottles are pre-diluted and Ready-to-Use. Shampoo Plus needs to be diluted like any other car wash.

Is Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner safe on aftermarket wheels?

Definitely not raw alloy wheels. Aftermarket wheels are made of many different materials that can be very sensitive. So, while Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner will be fine for many painted or chromed aftermarket wheels, it’s not recommended. Meguiar’s Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner is the safest option.

Do I need to scrub the Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner with a brush?

Although it works quite well as a spray-on hose off wheel cleaner, for best results with any wheel cleaner, Meguiar’s always recommends agitation with a brush.

Does Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner have colour activation?

No, it does not. It is already a purple/red colour, however it does not change colour when reacting to metal/iron particles or grime.

Will Iron Removing Spray “Clay” affect my wax?

Yes. You will need to reapply your wax or paint sealant after decontaminating the paint. It’s best used as a surface prep prior to compounding, polishing and waxing.

If Iron Removing Spray “Clay” is like clay, why would I use it as a clay lubricant?

Particularly contaminated paint will need a much more aggressive decontamination treatment than Iron Removing Spray “Clay” on its own can provide. As a clay lubricant it improves clay’s micro-cleaning ability, while not being as aggressive as D1801 when it comes to iron removal.

Can I use the Iron Removing Spray “Clay” like a waterless wash and just wipe off the contaminates?

No, you really want to rinse it off. If you don’t have access to a hose, a towel rinsed in a bucket of water is your next best option. However, this method is unlikely to get it all, so you’ll need to come back over the area with a spray detailer.

Does Hyper Dressing provide any protection against UV?

Yes, it does.

For detailed areas, which applicator works best for Hyper Dressing the foam or microfiber applicator?

We find the foam applicator is a little more conformable and really gets into those hard-to-reach areas. Don’t forget that our applicators are machine washable so you can use them time and time again.

How long does Hyper Dressing last?

Hyper Dressing will give a couple of weeks or so when used on interior and in general a bit over a week for exterior applications.

Is Last Touch Spray Detailer safe for use on ceramic coatings?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe on all ceramic coatings as well as polishes, waxes and paint sealants.

Can I use Last Touch Spray Detailer as a waterless wash?

Only if the car is lightly dirty. This is a spray detailer, not a dedicated wash. If your vehicle is properly dirty, cleaning with Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax or traditional suds ‘n’ bucket are your best options.

With Citrus Power Cleaner Plus, do I need to go back over the surface with a damp cloth?

If there’s any visible residue then by all means. However, this is a pre-diluted, Ready-to-Use product, so this practise is typically not necessary as wiping dry with a microfiber towel should be all you need.

Can I use Citrus Power Cleaner Plus to clean white wall tyres?

Like all Meguiar’s general purpose cleaners, Citrus Power Cleaner Plus can be used to clean white wall tyres. However, our dedicated heavy duty vinyl cleaner may offer better performance.

Can I use Citrus Power Cleaner Plus on leather?

It’s safe for use on leather as a general cleaner although our dedicated leather products will offer the best performance.

Being a professional-strength wash, will Shampoo Plus strip my wax?

No. All Meguiar’s washes and shampoos are safe for waxes.

Can I use Shampoo Plus in my snow foaming cannon?

Absolutely, in fact it’s a favourite amongst our team for use in a snow cannon.

How much Shampoo Plus do I use in my bucket?

Dilution ratio for Shampoo Plus is 128:1, that’s around 80ml of wash product into around 10-litres of water.

Is Shampoo Plus safe for use on matte paint?


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