The AutoCosmetica PRO-15M6 HORNET Dual-Action Polisher is ideally suited to paint defect removal, including scratches, swirls and oxidation. It also makes polishing and waxing faster and more effective. To deliver these superior results, the HORNET simultaneously combines a rotational and orbital action – i.e. Dual-Action, or DA. However, unlike a fast-spinning, old-school rotary buff, a DA polisher’s rotating action happens at a fraction of the speed. Which is why the HORNET is safe – even for beginners – as it has none of the mess, buff trails, burnt-through edges and destroyed badges you typically risk when using a traditional rotary buff.

Premium features of the user-friendly HORNET include; ergonomic design and rugged build quality that will last the distance. Powerful 1000W motor, soft start, smooth, quiet action and effective 15mm Orbital Stroke Length (or throw), for reduced work time. Its Velcro backing plate is engineered for quick ‘n’ easy pad changes and is ideally-sized to suit Meguiar’s 5-inch microfibre and foam discs. With its ten-position, positive click speed control between 2200 and 5000 orbits per minute (OPM), you’ll always be able to dial in the optimal speed.