Pro-grade Protection & Durability Anyone Can Apply & Maintain

Lasts 1 Year +

Excellent Chemical Resistance

Insane Water Beading

Lasts 1 Year +

Excellent Chemical Resistance

Insane Water Beading

Meguiar’s Hybrid Paint Coating is a feat of modern chemistry, blending the best attributes of traditional ceramic paint coatings with the advantages of our proprietary Hybrid Polysiloxane chemistry. The result? Our easiest, most chemically resistant and most durable paint protection formula ever offered by Meguiar’s. The advanced chemistry of the TrueCure Cross-Linking formula bonds to itself and to paint to provide extreme durability. That’s professional-level paint protection – but with a quick, easy application process. Leaves a slick paint surface and maintains insane hydrophobic water beading protection for more than 1-year – while also making washing and drying easier.



  • Paint that is contaminated or rough in any way will compromise the effectiveness & longevity
  • Pre-treat with Meguiar’s Smooth Surface Clay for smooth-as-glass surface
  • Clay Bar’s micro-cleaning ability captures the stubborn, baked on, bonded contaminants that no amount of washing or compounding will budge
  • Simplest & safest way to guarantee optimum results


  • Removes scratches, swirls, oxidation, water marks, blemishes etc
  • Paint correction restores colour, clarity & enhances gloss
  • Fast & effective cutting action without scratching
  • Highly recommended for optimal performance & durability


Is it safe for matte paint, vinyl wraps or stickers?

Not recommend for use on matte finishes of any kind.

How long does it take to cure & when can it get wet?

Vehicle can be used one hour after application. However, being a proper coating, the initial cure takes 24 hours and vehicle should be kept dry during this period. From there, the TrueCure, Cross-Linking Technology takes up to a week to take full effect.

Will bird droppings and tree sap affect my coating?

Yes. They should either be removed immediately by washing with Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wash & Wax, or cleaned off with Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Detailer.

What condition should the paint be before applying?

The better the surface, the more durable and more effective Meguiar’s Hybrid Paint Coating will be. Prior to application, the paint needs to be properly prepared.

Do I need to clay bar new paint?

Yes. The paint on new cars has often been exposed to industrial fallout, road grime, sea salt and other contaminants that bond to the paint. Some of which will not wash off.

Do I need to compound new paint?

In most cases yes. While new paint may look great, lax washing at the dealership, along with handling the paint surface will leave it with fine swirls and micro scratches. Preparing the paint with your favourite Meguiar’s compound eliminates these minor paint defects, while enhancing the factory finish.

What happens if I get Hybrid Paint Coating on my windows, trim, metals, etc?

It’s really only designed to bond to paint. While likely safe on other surfaces, it’s recommended only to be applied to paint. Wipe off immediately.

How many applications will I get out of one kit?

At least two coats no matter the size of the car – with left over for touching up any spots you missed.

What’s the benefit over a traditional wax or paint sealant?

Ease of maintenance thanks to its self-cleaning ability, which keeps your paint cleaner for longer. Plus, over a year of durability – with insane water protection – all with one simple, easy application.

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