Have you heard a lot of different “facts” from a lot of different people on how to take care of your ride? Well, Meguiar’s is here to give you some honest tips that (hopefully) should help dispel the many myths that have been developed over the years. If there’s a question you would like answered, go ahead and e-mail us today.

All Meguiar’s MARINE/RV prep, polish and wax products are suitable to be used in full sun. One Step Cleaner Wax (M5001 & M5016), Colour Restorer (M4416), Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover (M4916), High Gloss Polish (M4516) and Flagship Premium Marine Wax (M6316) are all formulated for effortless application and wipe off in full sun.

Oxidation occurs when environmental exposure dries out the gel coat surface causing it to loose both colour and gloss. It is necessary to remove this oxidised layer of gel coat to restore the surface to a lasting high gloss finish. Lightly oxidised gel coat can be easily restored with a non-abrasive liquid cleaner/wax such as One Step Cleaner Wax (M5001 & M5016). Unlike most cleaners, this one step product cleans chemically without using abrasives, and provides long lasting protection.

Moderate to heavily oxidised gel coat will require a 3 step process.

  • STEP 1 Oxidation Remover Heavy Duty Cleaner (M4916) removes oxidation and restores colour.
  • STEP 2 High Gloss Polish (M4516) restores to a brilliant gloss and adds oils to nourish the surface.
  • STEP 3 Flagship Premium Marine Wax (M6316) enriches colour & shine and provides protection.

Meguiar’s Marine/RV products are specially formulated for gel coat, linear polyurethane (LP), perspex and other materials which have unique surface characteristics and are chemically different to automotive surfaces. Each of these unique chemical compositions requires specific ingredients that are formulated to produce a product that will perform in a demanding marine environment.

Clear plastic surfaces such as windshields, bridge enclosures, cockpit curtains and portholes are easily scratched and dulled which results in reduced visibility. Use PLASTX Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish (G12310) to restore clarity to dull and scratched clear plastic surfaces. PLASTX contains special highly water resistant polymers that provide long lasting durable protection which also makes it the ideal product to routinely clean and maintain clear plastic surfaces, especially windshields.

For best results apply polish & wax products with a foam Hand Applicator Pad (APPAD). Apply small amounts of product on the foam applicator pad and spread a thin, even coat over the paint surface.

Meguiar’s offer a variety of products to meet the wide range of demanding users. Whether you are a do it yourself enthusiast or a highly trained professional, Meguiar’s has a selection of products, pads and accessories that will cover your every need. To help choose the best product, call our Customer Service Department on 1800 347570 Monday to Friday and speak to one of our Technical Advisors. You can also utilise our PAINT CARE ADVISOR and generate your own RX Paint Care Prescription by answering some simple questions.


To neutralise and remove odours caused by localised accidents and spills such as drinks, food, etc use Odor Eliminator spray (G2316). For a complete interior treatment including vents, use Whole Car Air Re-Fresher Odor Eliminator (G16402) to remove strong persistent odours such as cigarette smoke, pet smells and more.

For cleaning use Gold Class Leather & Vinyl Cleaner (G18516). To condition and protect, use either Gold Class Leather Conditioner (G18616) or Gold Class Rich Leather Gel (G17914).

The Smooth Surface Quik Clay Kit can be used on window glass and hard smooth plastic exterior trims as well as painted surfaces to remove bonded contaminants and make them feel smooth-as-glass (pardon the pun).

The dull cloudy appearance and light scratches can be removed using Plast-X (G12310). Apply with an Even Coat Microfiber Applicator Pad (X3080EU) and follow the directions on the product container to enhance visibility and improve night time driving safety.

If the headlights are only lightly discoloured or have a slightly frosted appearance, then use PLAST-X Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish (G12310). If the headlights are yellowed or have stubborn oxidation use the Headlight Lens Correction kit (G3700). Follow the product directions to restore clarity and lighting performance.


Polish and wax products shouldn’t be used on cars that have paint protection applied, and may void the manufacturers warranty terms and conditions if used.

Yes, if your car has new paint applied as a result of smash repair work or a respray. You should wait 8 weeks to allow for the paint to cure and harden before you apply a wax product to protect your paint.

Never apply any type of polish or wax product to a Matte Finish Paint surface as they will cause the finish to become glossy. You can remove finger prints, smears and very light marks using either Quik Detailer (A3316)         or Ultimate Quik Detailer (G14422).

Regular washing will remove the dust and grime. Stubborn marks and contaminants can be removed using either Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner (G8224) or No Smear Glass Cleaner (AA6316). Regular waxing with Ultimate liquid Wax (G18216) will protect your roof glass and make cleaning easier.

You should refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for specific instructions.

Use a pH neutral non wax car wash such as Soft Wash Gel (A2516), Gold Class Car Wash (G7116) or NXT Generation Car Wash (G12619). For best results use a Lambswool Wash Mitt (AG1015) and dry using a Microwipe Super-Glide Chamois (AG6000).

A wash & wax car wash will deposit a thin layer of wax on the window glass which will not normally cause a problem. However if a build up of wax occurs on the windscreen it may cause the wipers to chatter. If this happens, simply clean the windscreen and the edge of the rubber wiper blades with either Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner (G8224) or No Smear Glass Cleaner (AA6316).

Use a pH neutral non wax car wash such as Soft Wash Gel (A2516), Gold Class Car Wash (G7116) or NXT Generation Car Wash (G12619).

A pH neutral car wash is neither acidic nor alkaline and has a pH of 7.0 which is almost identical to that of pure water. These products have a gentle cleaning action and don’t use harsh chemicals which may remove your wax protection and cause damage and premature aging of your car.

Use cold to lukewarm water to wash your car. Only use hot water to spot clean small areas to remove stubborn contaminants such as road tar and dried bird droppings.

Quality car care products clean by gently removing dirt and contaminants. Household cleaners such as dishwashing liquid, detergents and glass cleaners use harsh chemicals which may damage your car and remove any wax protection from your paint.

Rinse your wash mitt and chamois under cold water after each use. When necessary wash mitts, chamois, applicator pads and cloths can be machine washed in cold water using laundry liquid. Hang in a shaded place to dry. Never use fabric softener in the wash and never tumble dry.

Products should be stored in a cool dry area out of direct sunlight. Always replace lids and close containers securely. Ensure that products are kept out of reach from children and pets. Never store products in your car unless the product packaging states that it is suitable to do so.

Using a soft bristle brush scrub the tyres with any Meguiar’s car wash solution or Non Acid Wheel Cleaner (AA6416) then rinse off with a strong flow of water.

After drying, Meguiar’s have a range of tyre maintenance products to suit your individual requirements:
Hot Shine Tire Foams (G13919) unique formula leaves a rich shine but also cleans the tyre by lifting the dirt/grime as it dissolves.

Hot Shine Tire Coating (G13815) helps to eliminate mess and overspray to give a deep, black wet-look shine that lasts for weeks. Hot Shine Tire Spray Pump Pack (G12024) provides the same great high gloss shine as the aerosol in a high deliver 2-way adjustable trigger sprayer.

Use NXT Generation Insane Shine Tyre Spray (G13115), when high gloss just isn’t shiny enough!

Endurance Tyre Gel (G7516) delivers the longest lasting formula for a rich dark shine; simply apply Gel using an applicator pad to eliminate overspray, runs and drips.

Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner (AA6416) is ideal on all alloy wheels and dress rims including clear coats, painted rims, chrome and plastic. Safe & effective for loosening brake dust and grime build-up.

Hot Rims Factory Equipped Wheel Cleaner (G9524) is ideal for all factory-coated wheels which are clear coated it removes tough road grime & brake dust on wheel surfaces.

NOTE: THIS PRODUCT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR application to aftermarket wheels, Motorcycle wheels, aftermarket brake components, anodized, magnesium, un-coated, or powder-coated wheels.

NOTE: Always check manufactures guidelines on cleaning and maintaining your wheels

If the leather surface has heavy soiling or stains treat with Leather & Vinyl Cleaner (G18516), this is also gentle enough to be used for general cleaning without stripping the leather’s natural life extending oils. Then once cleaned or for general leather maintenance apply a conditioner to leave the surface looking and feeling rich, soft & supple while protecting against spills, UV damage and heat exposure. Available in Liquid (G7214), Wipes/25pk (G10900) or Gel (G17914).

Meguiar’s Dash & Trim Foam Protectant (G12210) eliminates messy overspray while cleaning, protecting and conditioning the surface without looking greasy. It contains UV sunscreen to prevent fading & premature aging.

Alternatively if you prefer a spray, Natural Shine (G4116) or High-Gloss Classic Shine (G4016A) protectants have been designed to clean, condition & protects all vinyl & rubber surfaces using the proven effectiveness of Scotchguard technology. They restore colour/shine providing, cleaning agents to remove dirt and grime adding lasting UV protection.

For a fast interior trim touch-up and also to the clean the Audio/visual equipment use Quik Interior Detailer (G13616) or Quik Interior Detailer wipes (G13600).

Both Meguiar’s No Smear Glass Cleaner (AA6316) and Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner (G8224) are window tint safe. They do not contain ammonia and are fast cleaning with a crystal clear result.
Always test on small area of tint if not sure.

Manufacture of the roof material has inbuilt waterproof protection & using any old cloth/trim cleaner can potentially stain or harm the waterproofing. Meguiar’s has developed two products to keep all canvas, cloth, mohair & vinyl tops to keep looking like-new.

Convertible & Cabriolet Cleaner (G2016EU) removes contaminants and marks caused by things like water stains, bird droppings and oil without drying out the material. Convertible & Cabriolet Weatherproofer (G2112EU) creates a protective barrier that delivers long-lasting defence against UV rays, bird droppings, acid rain, stains and more.

All of these products are in the same ‘detailer’ family, designed to enhance the shine and protection of your paint without scratching the surface. Ultimate Quik Detailer (G14422) is the newest product in this family and it’s highly advanced formula contains hydrophobic polymer technology, creating a slicker, darker finish with incredible water beading properties. We recommend using our Supreme Shine Microfibre Towel (X2010) for wipe-off. The choice between these products is a matter of personal preference.

PlastX (G12310) is not suited and we do not recommend it for use on painted plastic surfaces. Ultimate Liquid Wax (G18216) or NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0 (G12718) are both non-abrasive and dry clear leaving no white residue making them safe to use on smooth painted plastic.

All Meguiar’s car wash products are PH neutral, containing no detergent based chemicals that strip away the wax and are therefore safe to use with any of our polishes/waxes. However, it’s best to wash your car with the wash that has been developed to suit the individual polish/wax. Remember that the wash has been chemically engineered to maximise the life & shine of the wax in the same family of products. For example Ultimate Liquid Wax (G18216) with Ultimate Wash & Wax (G17748), NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0 (G12718) with NXT Generation Car Wash (G12619 or G12664)

Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Detailer (G14422) used with our Supreme Shine Microfibre Towel (X2010) will safely remove any streaking without scratching and will restore the surface to a brilliant, deep shine. If this fails, reapply the original polish/wax product then quickly wipe-off residue.

When using Tech Wax (G12718) “less is best”, there is no need to apply this product thickly. Always apply onto a cool, dry and clean paint surface. For cooler temperature regions or in high humidity areas, a longer dry time is required which allows the wax to set, avoiding smear marks occurring with wipe-off. If you have used too-much product, a longer flash time is needed to allow the wax to “set up” before wipe-off. We recommend using the Supreme Shine Microfibre Towel (X2010) for a faster, cleaner wipe-off.

Ultimate Protectant (G14512) or Gold Class Trim Detailer (G10810) are ideal products for removal of polish or wax residue from rubbers while restoring colour & richness to discoloured trim/mouldings and are suitable for use on all porous & non-porous black/grey trim.

As long as the sap hasn’t dried & etched into the paint surface it usually can be removed with warm wash solution and rinsed off. However, if it has dried/hardened on the surface, Quik Clay Detailing System (G1116) is designed to grab these bonded contaminants and remove them without scratching the finish. After using the Quik Clay System we recommend you reapply your favourite Meguiar’s wax/polish.

Deep Crystal Paint Cleaner (A3016A) safely removes MINOR surface contaminants, stubborn road grime, mild water spots, light swirls, oxidation, minor stains and scuffmarks.

Scratch-X 2.0 (G10307) is ideal for removing isolated FINE scratches and swirls, scuffs, finger nail marks, blemishes and paint transfer by hand or using a dual action/random orbit machine.

Ultimate Compound (G17216) is the ultimate DIY product for removing paint defects. It restores colour and clarity to abused/neglected finishes as well as removing HARSH scratches and swirls, oxidation, water marks and blemishes by hand or using a dual action/random orbit machine even on the most sensitive of clear coat finishes.

NOTE: Always follow with a Meguiar’s polish/wax after using a surface prep product to protect the revived paint surface.

No, NXT is a unique formula that helps to minimise fine swirls without damaging the paint surface. The product is designed to safely remove stubborn stains and fine scratches and swirls, and is suited to all paint finishes including clear coat.

Yes, this new ‘full-synthetic’ formula is the best wax Meguiar’s has ever produced to date. It delivers the longest lasting and highest quality protection with amplified reflectivity for that incredible depth & mirror-like shine. Combining the revolutionary ‘ThinFilm’ technology delivers effortless application and removal even in direct sunlight!

When using any of the Meguiar’s surface prep products and you find colour on the pad, this is an indicator that the paint you’re working on is a single stage finish (acrylic or enamel). The colour you’re seeing, is the pigment transferring from the paint to your applicator pad.

Today, over 90% of all factory finishes are clear coated. A clear coat finish is a multi-layer paint system comprised of a primer, a base coat (the pigment colour of your car), and a clear coat. Although a clear coat does protect the base coat, it is very sensitive to scratches and swirl marks because of its clear, non-pigmented layer that allows light to reflect through it.

Scratch-X 2.0 (G10307) is clear coat safe & ideal for removing swirl marks/fine in isolated areas from the most sensitive of paint finishes when treating the paint work on the entire vehicle use Ultimate Compound (G17216). Used with our microfiber hand applicator pad (X3080), neither product will dull-off or scar the clear coat finish. If your paint is also oxidised or faded, Color X (G11816) will dramatically revive colour whilst also removing fine scratches and swirls. Always wipe off with our Supreme Shine Microfibre Towel (X2010).
NOTE: If you can catch your fingernail on a scratch, it’s deep and we would recommend you see a professional detailer for help.

Swirl marks are actually microscopic scratches in the paint finish. Swirls are often caused by the use of a buffer with the wrong type of polishing pad and/or wax or polish. Automatic car washes can also cause swirls, especially on late model vehicles with clear coat paints. Another way to cause swirl marks is hand application, or removal of products using a harsh material. Pads and cloths containing micro abrasives (from falling on the ground or improper storage) are also a cause of swirls marks. To avoid swirls, thoroughly wash all dirt particles from your finish before applying polish or wax. Always use a 100% terry cloth towel or Supreme Shine Microfibre Towel (X2010) because the nap draws any contaminants on the surface into the towel instead of allowing them to scratch the sensitive paint.

There are many environmental contaminants that adhere to your paint so stubbornly that even a high-quality car wash can’t remove them. Smooth Surface Quik Clay Kit (G1116) is specifically designed to remove many of these bonded surface contaminants.

Under normal conditions, wax usually takes 15 to 20 minutes to set. However, if you wipe the finish and the product streaks or smears, you need to allow a little more time for it to harden.

Meguiar’s research has concluded that removing product with our Supreme Shine Microfibre Towel (X2010) will produce the best shine with the least effort and the fewest swirls.

Unlike wax, polish does not need to dry. Thoroughly work it into the surface one section at a time, then immediately remove the excess before beginning the next section.

No, Ultimate Quik Detailer (G14422) & Quik Detailer (A3316) are specially formulated products designed to add gloss and actually prolong the life of your wax by removing fresh contaminants before they bond.

Any new car will require a non-abrasive wax that is safe for newer paints. Ultimate Liquid Wax (G18216) or NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0 (G12718) is excellent products for new car finishes.

A Dual Action or Random Orbital Polisher is specially designed to run in an eccentric circular motion. This safe, random pattern doesn’t apply torque to the surface, and assures the buffer never concentrates its energy in one spot, unlike a regular rotary buffer which has a circular motion only. If you use a rotary buffer and are not skilled in its use, you can easily apply too much pressure to the paint and burn right through it, requiring a new paint job.

In addition to countless environmental factors, catalytic emissions from the cars in front of you are depositing hydrochloric or sulphuric acid particles on your car’s upper surfaces. All of these contaminants take a toll on your car’s paint if the finish is not properly maintained.

Environmental conditions today do demand more frequent waxing to prevent costly damage to the outer layers of paint. However we don’t recommend applying two or three coats of wax at one time. While there is some slight incremental protection with each application, you’ll gain greater benefits by spreading the same number of applications over a longer period.

The life of a wax finish depends on many things:
– Type and colour of paint
– Condition of paint
– Local environment (normal conditions and extraordinary events)
– Number of hours exposed to outside conditions
– Quality of the wax used and method of application.

Your best choice in all cases is to rely on the highest quality surface care products available. That’s why Meguiar’s guarantees that under identical conditions, “Our wax will outlast the competition.”

The visible impact of fine scratches can be significantly improved with Ultimate Liquid Wax (G18216). However we would recommend a surface preparation step prior to this in order to actually remove the fine scratches. Scratch-X 2.0 (G10307) will achieve this and is the perfect for use on small areas, if you’re looking to do the whole vehicle use Ultimate Compound (G17216). If your paint is also oxidised or faded Color X (G11816) will dramatically revive colour whilst also removing fine scratches and swirls.

NOTE: If you can catch your fingernail on a scratch, it’s deep and we would recommend you see a professional detailer for help.

The best way to get rid of stains, spots and smears is to remove them as quickly as possible, before they have a chance to bake into the paint. If you have stubborn stains, spots or smears, you will need to wash your car and then use a paint surface prep that will safely deep clean the surface and remove the contamination.

Washing is the process of removing loose dirt and grime from a car’s paint. Surface prep is a separate process designed to safely remove dead, oxidized paint, as well as stubborn surface contamination that will not come off during the washing process (i.e. acid rain, stains, tree sap).

First, there are thousands of car colours used every year. Some paint companies offer over one hundred different reds alone. There is no way that a limited selection of 8-12 different-coloured waxes can hope to match your colour exactly.

Second, most paints today have a top layer of paint that is clear – it does not contain the colour pigments. If you add a pigmented wax on top of the clear surface you are creating an unnatural effect that will look even stranger as the pigments in the wax fade. Imagine applying shoe polish to your windshield, and you can picture what is happening when you apply colour waxes to clear coat paint.

If you are looking to restore colour and gloss from oxidised or faded paint, Color X (G11816) will revive colour and remove light scratches and swirls.

Carnauba is the hardest natural wax available, harvested from palm trees in Brazil. The wax is melted down and added to our formulations to enhance their durability and protection against the environment. Meguiar’s uses only #1 yellow Carnauba wax, the most costly and highest quality grade.

The difference between paste and liquid wax is primarily one of convenience. Modern liquid formulas provide the same protection as paste, and are easier and quicker to apply.

A polish is more like a paint conditioner that restores valuable oils to the paint, eliminates fine scratches and creates incredible high gloss not possible with waxes. An application of a pure polish should be followed by waxing to protect the shine and extend its life.

Evaluating the condition of your finish will let you determine the steps needed to prepare it for waxing. Just because your paint has no major scratches or other obvious signs of damage doesn’t mean its surfaces are as flawlessly smooth as when they were new. There are many kinds of subtle surface defects that, if not corrected, can prevent you from restoring that perfect gloss.