The constant struggle of trapped interior odours is now over. Whether it’s an old car, an accident in the back seat from a pet, or the smell of smoke, combating the hard to remove scents is achievable with Meguiar’s ‘New Formula’ Odor Eliminator.

The unique odour eliminating technology that permanently removes the toughest smells in the car and around the house rather than simply covering it up! Unlike other products, the Odor Eliminator will not release the odour when the interior gets wet & heats up. With an easy & convenient application, just spray the areas and the odours will permanently vanish.

G2316 | 473mL

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A clean car will never be complete unless your tyres have a finish to match. Tyre shine goes hand in hand when cleaning the car so match your tyres with the sparkling paintwork. Unlike most cheap silicone sprays, Meguiar’s ‘New Formula’ Endurance High Gloss Tyre Gel formula will give the longest lasting and shiniest finish of all our tyre protectants.

A concentrated gel that delivers a rich, dark, high gloss shine to the tyres that lasts for weeks, not days. Featuring an adjustable gloss level with virtually no sling or spin off, Endurance High Gloss Tyre Gel also protects against UV damage and tyre browning.

G7516 | 473mL

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It isn’t uncommon for metals to experience dulling and fine scratching over time, which will make your wheels or trim look awful. Meguiar’s All Metal Polish provides the answer to treat this problem that is simple to use and will restore the shine.

The trusted Meguiar’s proprietary formula removes oxidation without scratching, whilst turning dull metal surfaces strikingly bright in minutes. Gentle polishing oils will finish the surface for the stunning bright shine. Create a mirror-finish on all un-coated, polished or chrome metals.

G15308 | 236mL

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Raise the bar on shine with Meguiar’s most advanced wax ever! Increase your cars surface tension that will not only restore and improve paintwork to the highest level but will also achieve that showcar shine with the most amazingly deep, vibrant colour with an extraordinary wet-look.

Meguiar’s most advanced hydrophobic wax has a ‘full-synthetic’ formula that delivers the longest lasting and highest quality protection with amplified reflectivity for that incredible depth and mirror-like shine. Combining the revolutionary ‘ThinFilm’ technology helps deliver the effortless application and removal, even in direct sunlight. Ultimate Liquid Wax also leaves no white residue on trims and plastic mouldings.

G18216 | 473mL

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Natural leather provides a brilliant interior atmosphere, with the comfort, the smell and look it provides is incomparable. Unfortunately without the correct interior care which is imperative, leather seats can deteriorate and lose much of what you first loved about it. Meguiar’s Gold Class Leather Cleaner provides an easy solution to clean and restore the fundamentals of leather upholstery.

The superior cleaning power for leather and vinyl is strong enough to remove stains, yet gentle enough to be used for general cleaning. It will remove imbedded oils, water based stains and tough grime whilst providing a revitalised appearance to leather and vinyl surfaces that won’t strip the leather’s natural life extending oils.

G18516 | 473mL

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Doesn’t it drive you crazy after you clean the car you notice in the suns reflection those fine swirls marks? Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish provides an easy solution to remove fine scratches whilst maximising the depth of colour.

Perfect to eliminate super fine swirl marks and produce deep, high gloss reflections. It is brilliant for use on dark coloured cars leaving the paint finish incredibly clear and glossy with a mirror-like reflection.

G19216 | 473mL

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Nothing beats the new car look and feel. Unfortunately that smooth and sparkling paintwork with shiny tyres doesn’t last forever and can often become a distant memory. Eliminating the guess work is now easy with the ‘New Car Kit’ that has everything you need to keep your car looking new in three easy steps. Perfect for use on all paint finishes, including clear coats.

Kit includes: Ultimate Wash & Wax 473ml, Ultimate Liquid Wax 175ml, Endurance Tyre Gel 175ml, Microfibre Wash Mitt, Water Magnet microfiber drying towel, Supreme Shine Microfibre Towel, and 2 x foam applicators. (Total value $105.30)


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As cars age, much like us humans, it is impossible to retain that same cosmetic beauty as when new without any help. Overtime, paintwork is prone to lose that zing that it once had from its earlier days. The Meguiar’s Paint Restoration Kit is the essential combination of products designed to bring new life and shine to a dull, neglected paint finish. Perfect for use on all paint types, including clear coats.

Kit includes: Gold Class Car Wash 473ml, Gold Class Carnauba Plus Wax 175ml, Ultimate Compound 300ml, Quik Detailer 250ml, Smooth Surface Clay Bar 25g, 2 x Supreme Shine Microfibre towels and 2 x foam applicators. (Total Value $93.85)


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