A record 17 show stoppers wowed an excited crowd at the 2019 Great Meguiar’s Uncover. Never before has silk cloth been lifted from so many fresh builds during Friday night’s highly-anticipated Elite Show – hosted in the Meguiar’s Pavilion. Without further ado, here’s a brief look (plus a selection of videos) at each of the incredible Great Meguiar’s Uncovers from Street Machine Summernats 32.

Rob Zahabi
1970 Dodge Challenger

THIS insane ride has fabricated everything – not a single thing remains standard! It rides on a Roadster Shop chassis with IRS and is powered by 572 Hemi with a crank-driven F3 ProCharger bolted on the front. The fabricated underneath is finished in satin PPG, while the interior is mostly hand-formed metal with only a couple of leather inserts and leather-covered seats. HAVOC features the best of everything, including Dakota Digital Dash, Ridetech airbags – even the off-the-shelf parts like the Kindig door handles and American Legend Blackhawk wheels have been customised.

Joe Panzarino
1957 Chev Bel Air

THIS jaw-dropping ’57 Chev started life as a brand-new Real Deal Steel repro body. “This is my seventh ’57,” says Joe “I wanted to build this one from scratch, with new everything.” It’s fully loaded with; 900hp, blown, EFI, 400ci Chev, Reid case TH400, 41-spline sheet-metal 9in, Competition Engineering four-bar, Ridetech tubular front, airbags, radical chassis, Wilwood brakes, full custom interior with A/C, Dakota Digital dash and red leather everywhere. There’s also billet everywhere, plus 20×16 Boyds wheels wearing monster 33x22x20 M/T radials – it just goes on ‘n’ on. Epic car!

Mike King
1964 XM Ford Falcon Coupe

FOLLOWING its stunning debut in bare metal at Meguiar’s MotorEx 2017 – the now finish XM is next level thanks to paint and trim. Built to be driven, it runs a 363ci Windsor, Tremec TKO600, Strange 9-inch (with Truetrac, 4:11 gears and floating hubs) along with a four-link rear and custom double A-arm front end. Even the one-piece American Legend Racer wheels are all maintaining its streetablity. Although it looks factory, the full custom black leather interior is all about luxurious comfort. The sides of the front seats also feature some trick 3D printed parts.

Cooper Zahabi
1970 Chevrolet Nova

COOPER started building this 454, big-block Nova at 15. Now 18, he’s worked on it virtually every day – which including doing all the fabrication and bodywork himself. The stunning paint is HOK Sunrise Pearl, which is offset with plenty of black detailing – including the engine and Billet Specialties 20×8 and 22×10 wheels. Dumping it into the weeds is a Ridetech four-link rear, tubular arms and airbags. There’s also a Magnum T56, Dakota Digital gauges, flat floors, RHD power rack ‘n’ pinion and Alcantara interior with flat floors.

Jamie Galea
1970 XW Ford Falcon

JAMIE describes his drool-worth XW as a modernised classic. Nowhere is this more evident than with the vivid-white interior. Based on GT spec, everything that was factory black is now painted or trimmed in white. Other upgrades include Wilwood discs all ’round and coil-overs up front – while it’s 19×8 and 20×10 Schott billets also fill out the guards very nicely. Pushing it along is a 393 Clevo backed by a shift-kitted C4 and stout nine-inch. The extraordinary colour is a PPG purple that has been customised with plum magenta pearl.

Todd Sorensen
1967 Chevrolet Impala

IT MIGHT be packing 582-cubes of carburettored big-block – however this hulking Impala is pure street. With a Gear Vendors overdrive behind the TH400 and 4.11:1 gears in the Wavetrac-equipped Chevy 12-bolt rear – the plan is to put plenty of miles on the odometer. Giving it a radically different look is the lack of exterior chrome (except for the ¼-vent windows and door buttons). Even the 20×8 and 20×10 Intro billets have been blackened. Inside it’s ‘Cruise Time’ thanks to bench seats front ‘n’ rear. And if you’re wondering; why a 582? “Big car, big family, big torque,” was the response.

Dean Wilson
1937 Plymouth Coupe

BUILT as a tribute to Dean’s father – who started the project but passed away before completing it. However, Dean has taken it to a whole other level. It’s normally-aspirated, 947hp, EFI big-block should push the bad-ass, Pro Street-style Plymouth comfortably into the 9.30s. Build quality and attention to detail have also been pushed to elite levels – Paul Cundy has over 900 hours alone in the body, smoothed underside and HOK Brandywine paint. “It’s an over-the-top version of what dad would have built if he had an unlimited budget,” says Dean.

Steve Martin
1976 LX Holden Torana

DON’T let its stunning good looks fool you, this LX has been built to run deep, deep into the eights – on radials. “We’ll show it for a while before swapping the billets and dropping in a cage for racing,” says Steve. Power is courtesy of a 408-cube, LY6 pressure-fed by a pair of 67mm Garret turbos mounted down, low behind the bumper bar. The rest of the drivetrain is equally focused; Reid-case Powerglide, sheet metal diff, four-link rear and Haltech Racepak dash. Other than paint and detailing, Steve did most of the work himself, including the all the fab work and fuel system.

Jai Schluter
1968 Ford Mustang Coupe

JAI’S wheel-standing, record-holding red XB coupe (KILLER TOMATA) was sold to fund this Mustang. “I wanted a car I could use more, yet still compete in Drag Challenge and radial racing,” says Jai. “It’s built to a budget, built to a time frame [11 months] and built to run eights.” Everything except the parachute has been mod-plated and engineered. Highlights include; 750hp 393 Clevo, Transbraked C4, Mark Williams, sheet-metal rear, plus 17×4 and 15×12 Aluma Stars. To keep it street friendly, the taxi bar and side intrusion bars are removable and there’s a fully trimmed interior.

Joe Tyler
1964 EH Holden Wagon

AS SWEET as this wagon looks, it’s been built as a skid car by notable burnout competitor, Adrian Cuthbertson. Underneath the methanol-slurping Bird Catcher scoop and 6/71 BDS blower is a tough-as-nails, dry sumped LS3 pushing 1000-plus horsepower. Sitting it low over its 18×7 and 18×10 billets is a full chassis and MacDonald Brothers front clip. With the exception of the Haltech Racepac dash, MATURED looks very stock inside – which is just the look Joe was looking for. It’s even painted factory-like teal – accentuated with some ice pearl over the top.

Michael Brown
1971 AMC Hornet
AMC 454

MICHAEL’S philosophy is they can’t just look pretty they have to drive. Which is why what started as a skid car, has turned out too nice – leaving the Hornet to spend its days having fun at Powercruise. It’s a belly-scraping, back-halved car with carbon-fibre interior aft of the front seats. Those massive rear hides measure 33x16x15 and are mounted on super-deep 15×16 Weld wheels. Mind you, the 14/71 Hampton blown, methanol injected, 454 LSX up front will have little trouble turning them. “Double the power and half the weight of my other Hornet – should be fun,” says Michael.

Chris Shields
1976 LX Holden Torana

WITH all the front sheet metal (plus front ‘n’ rear bars) welded and blended into the body. Combined with the smoothed; engine bay, boot and interior, INTENSIVE looks like it’s been carved from one solid block. Siting between the front rails is a tunnel rammed 350 Chev bolted to a Tremec TKO600. It’s also sporting Rod Shop coil-overs, 9in rear and tubular front end. Inside the 18×8 and 19×12 billets is a full Wilwood brake package. The DeBeers teal paint (with big flake) was custom mixed and contrasts strongly with the bright yellow inserts used in the interior.

Ross Heasley
1971 HQ Holden Coupe

FOR its 12thyear as a competition burnout car, Ross has given MRBADQ a full freshen up. The carburettored, blown, small-block and driveline remain the same. As the combo has proven to be reliable and competitive – which includes taking the $20k win at Northern Nats up in Cairns (still Australia’s biggest burnout purse). The two big changes include; all-new, grey leather interior and eye-grabbing Didspade Supershift metallic pearl paint that flips from green to red. The new interior boasts VE ute front seats, hexagonal stitching and candy-apple red Crocodile inserts!

Zoran Krstevski
1982 XE Ford Falcon

THIS incredible Helios blue XE Falcon has been a work-in-progress for 10, of the 20 years Zoran has owned the Falcon. Being a racer has clearly influenced the build, however Zoran is adamant THE XE is a 100 percent street car. A bloody tough one at that, given its full cage, mini-tubs and angry 393ci Clevo siting in the fully-fabricated engine bay. Rounding out the stout driveline is a Huges C4 and braced 9in. Brake wise, an under-dash master cylinder works Wilwoods at each corner. Inside there’s Recaro buckets, full-length console, billet column, Racepac dash and black perforated leather.

Tom Juric
1971 XY Ford Falcon

“I DID not butcher a classic,” declares Tom. “This car was destined for crusher. It had been bashed about and was full of rust” The goal of the resurrection was to improve what Ford originally built in ’71. The improvements extend to; 800hp, 440ci, TOCA-built, small-block, triangulated 4-link, RRS front struts, RRS rack ‘n’ pinion, Billet Specialities Street Lites, manualised C4, 35-spline Truetrac 9in, mini-tubs, shaved gutters, smoothed engine bay, classy black leather, full-length console, billet trim, Auto Meter gauges, blacked-out chrome and Sikkens Infrared paint. Sounds like, ‘job done!’

Peter Robson
2008 VE Holden SS Commodore

AS WILD as it looks, Peter’s ute is fully engineered and registered. Giving the SS its wild looks is 22×8.5 and 24×10 Twisted Vistas, suicide doors, reverse cowl hood and full HSV Maloo body kit. Backing the wild looks is an even wilder driveline consisting of 403-cube LSX fitted with a billet intake and a massive GTX47 turbo breathing through a front-mount intercooler. Like the tray, the engine bay is fully smoothed and detailed. Being a trimmer, Peter handled the Racepac dash conversion and all the stitching duties himself – which included fully trimming the neatly incorporated roll cage.

Chris Campbell
1972 LJ Holden Torana

HOW tough does this look? Chris built the LJ for cruising, equipping it with a 355 stroker Holden V8 topped with VN heads, tunnel ram and twin fours. There’s also a beefed up Trimatic and sheet metal nine-inch – which is filled with a Strange pumpkin (with Truetrac) and suspended by Strange coil-overs. The mini-tubbed and stretched rear quarters are stuffed with 15×10 Weld V-Series wheels wrapped in 28x10x15 M/T SR meats – fronts are 17x4s with SR front runners. Interior is premium Nappa leather, while PPG especially created the colour just for Chris – he’s dubbed it Stop Light Red!